Substrata is an international contemporary experimental music /sound art label based in México City.

From a research and multicultural optics, Substrata investigates, tracks and signs experimental and innovative artists and composers.

Trascending the genre boundaries we bet for adventourous and epistemically powerful sonic acts from Mexico and the world, in an effort to lead the listener to a trascendental experience.

For us, the pressing format is a distinguible remark. Substrata sees from the media archaeology optics, offering high quallity albums made for specific format.


Vinyl 7”, 12”
CD/enhanced CD /Mini CD
DVD (multichannel audio DVD)
Rare Formats

Substrata. on it’s investigative facet periodically publishes STRAIN, publication that focus on contemporary art manifestations / thinking , in relationship with sound and frequency phenomena.
Within it’s pages philosophers, writers, journalists, designers. sound artists and musicians have a place to expand the listening experience.

As a production platform, Substrata. collaborates with artists, curators, collectives, festivals, institutions, museums, galleries and independent venues to produce specific projects in order to open spaces for the experimental sound arts in Mexico and Latin America.

Substrata periodically organizes concerts, exhibitions and makes commisions to artists and composers.

Special mention deserves the annual cycle called SUSTAIN that is close to a festival but in which artists from other disciplines -that their work have things in common with sound phenomena- have an space to dialogue with the artists of the label, bringing this to a multidisciplinary cycle that reflects into sound, image and critical theory.



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